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Embracing Diversity: LGBTQ+ Inclusivity at Avery’s House

At Avery’s House, we understand that teens from the LGBTQ+ community face unique challenges and require a supportive, affirming environment to flourish. Our commitment to inclusivity and understanding is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to provide a safe haven where every teen feels valued, understood, and empowered to overcome struggles.

  • Specialized support: We offer counseling and support groups focusing on LGBTQ+ issues, promoting self-acceptance and resilience.
  • Trained staff: Our team is educated in LGBTQ+ matters, ensuring a respectful and understanding approach to teen mental health.
  • Safe environment: Our center is a haven for LGBTQ+ teens, with policies and activities designed to affirm and support diverse identities.

We Accept Insurance

We work with most major insurance providers to help minimize the cost of teen residential treatment. Let’s check to see if your provider will cover your teen’s treatment.