Ariana Breslin

Staff Bio

Program Manager

Ariana Breslin is the Program Manager at Avery’s House. Ariana began her professional career in the field of substance abuse when she started her own sobriety journey in July of 2019. Since then, she has gained a strong passion to contribute to the wellbeing of others and their mental health. Ariana is most happy when she is helping others gain and maintain their sobriety. She volunteers as a Sponsor for women in recovery, has worked as a recovery coach and case manager, gained experience as a group facilitator for Modern Recovery’s Intensive outpatient program and has taken on House Manager responsibilities for adult Rehab centers providing support to individuals struggling with addiction and mental health.

Currently, Ariana is responsible for the operations of Avery’s house. She is committed to ensuring a caring residential mental health treatment experience for teens that is of the highest quality and allows teens a safe place to gain skills to live a happier healthier life. Ariana is originally from New Mexico, but moved to the Phoenix area where she plans to stay. In her free time Ariana loves to travel the world and find new adventures. Ariana also has a 4-pound chihuahua named Chika that she loves to spend time with.

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